Product Categories

Every business or product idea is unique, and over the last 22 years, we have worked with almost every category of B-C and many B-B start-ups.   Typically,our clients ask us to validate their ideas and business concepts in the following areas:

  • Is this product worth investing in? Is it viable? Does it have a reasonable chance of making it? Is it unique?
  • Is there a new technology out there or a new technology being developed that would have this product fail?
  • What are new sales and distribution strategies that we haven’t thought of?
  • If it’s worth pursuing, what are the next steps in the development of this product?
  • Is this product’s design and features what consumers really want?
  • Who is the target market for this product?
  • How can we best market and distribute to our target consumer?
  • What are other uses for this idea we haven’t thought of?

Idealine answers these questions and more for clients through producing a wide array of reports and research. When we are conducting research we focus on both extant knowledge, such as computer databases and the internet, and, when appropriate, on original research. Original research is typically conducted through focus groups, online surveys, and ethnographic studies. We answer your questions and provide a framework for further development.