Ethnographic Survey

An ethnographic survey is another example of the type of original research Idealine can offer clients. With its roots in scientific study, particularly in the field of anthropology, it has recently gained acceptance as an important tool in conducting market research. It involves the researcher observing, like a fly on the wall, a group of target consumers in their own environment doing whatever they would be doing while they would be using the client’s product. One of the key purposes is to identify the needs of the target consumers that they may not otherwise identify themselves. In other words, what can an outsider see that the insider would never be able to identify on a survey or during an interview?

In the example of an ethnographic survey summary provided, the researcher observed the target consumers doing a number of things that came so naturally for them in this environment that they probably didn’t even realize they do them. These natural behaviors that are so ingrained are key to the efficiency and effectiveness of what they do and are very important for the inventor to understand
when developing the key features of his product.