Becoming an Entrepreneur

Becoming an entrepreneur is all about your personal mindset. You have a great idea- now do something about it! And know you are not alone in the process of having no clue what the next step is. That is where Idealine is here to help and handle the planning, reports, and strategies needed to help your idea grow. For insights into the first thoughts you might have about becoming an entrepreneur, see what Anna Vital, a information designer with experience in startups and working with entrepreneurs … [Read more...]

New Product Development Stages

Now that you have your next big idea, what steps do you take to make it a reality? Idealine is a product development company that focuses on your personal needs as a company and what your vision is to grow your brand. Idealine has many different product development services throughout the stages of the new product development process. Read more about the steps in the process in the link below. Source Material: … [Read more...]